Project Management Services

Project Management Services – IDEA Information Systems

IDEA’s Projects Department is highly experienced in implementing projects both in Israel and abroad. A project manager is assigned to each project, up to the final production stage, managing and coordinating all related activities.
IDEA system’s implementation is carried out based on a unique methodology for the implementation of the solution. The methodology is based on the company’s experience in delivering numerous projects worldwide. We believe that adherence to this methodology will ensure the best results in terms of meeting deadlines, keeping the total cost under the plan and ensuring satisfactory results for the client.
A Project Manager (PM) is assigned to each project and is responsible to lead and manage the implementation process as scheduled. Since the implementation process is an interactive one, depending on full and intensive cooperation with customer’s team, we believe in the importance of appointing a project manager on behalf of the customer as well.
In addition, Idea’s support department consists of a professional and experienced team providing support services by phone, mail, remote control and other means. The team supplies the client with personal support, upgrades, training etc. after the installation.

System Analysis

The goal of the system analysis session is to characterize the required solution, reach a clear understanding of how the system will be setup to best suit the customer’s needs, and prepare the specification for the data conversion. At the end of the process the project a detailed document is produced containing all the system requirements, user requirements and the characterized solution for the implementation, including, general data structure, structure of data items, definition of workflows (if require), data conversion plan, from current system to IDEA ALM, detailed plan for the pilot stage, detailed plan for the switch to production (STP) stage, specific hardware, software and communication requirements, timetable and required resources for the project tasks.

System setup

IDEA ALM is basically provided as an out-of-the-box product fully equipped to handle all aspects of the organization’s archive, library and museum. The database will be constructed in IDEA’s offices, based on the specification document, including system settings and helping the customer in choosing/setting the cataloging templates, information fields and tables. At this stage additional parameters are set and configured according to the system analysis document (databanks, security and authorizations). In cases where specific adjustments are required, the work also includes the definition of new types of material (item templates), and new fields are added into the system.


A joint training for the customer’s team is provided on site, or elsewhere agreed by IDEA and the customer, up to 6 hours a day and up to 10 participants at the same time. The training covers the following topic: Introduction to the basic system functionality, Search module, cataloging module, Users module, Circulation module (applicable to libraries), Reports module (including using the BO reports generator), the Web interface module, administration module and other modules, if ordered.

Data Conversion

Data conversion refers to the process of data mapping and data loading from the customer’s existing system into the new system, according to a customer’s characterization and after exporting the data by the customer from the existing system in the standard format of IDEA ALM or other readable formats such as XML, Excel or Text file. The process usually involves a test- conversion and requires a thorough examination by the customer, followed by his approval or comments regarding the converted data.


IDEA’s development services refer to the developing of new functionality in the system. Although IDEA ALM system includes a variety of standard applications with fairly extensive flexibility, there may be requirements for changes and adjustments for specific customer needs. We will be happy to help find the best solution, using the flexibility of our products and in cases where it would be required to develop it will be done according to a detailed characterization of the required changes.


At this stage the project manager will assist the customer in working with the new system, verifying that the systems’ functions work in accordance with its documentation, and will help to overcome any difficulties that might come up associated with the system or the customers’ team.


IDEA provides consulting services to its customers – archives, museums and libraries in order to assist in all phases of the project from the planning stage to implementation of the project. The service is provided by an IDEA’s expert provided to the company customers only.


Standard remote installation of the basic system on hardware configuration approved by IDEA including installations of the client on a number of workstations according to the concurrent licenses purchased.

Project Support

IDEA will assign a Project Manager (PM) to manage and coordinate all activities related to the project, until the STP. The work will be performed from IDEA’s offices unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

Report Generator Setup

Sub-stage in the Database construction, related to the work involved in preparing the Universe infrastructure for generating BO reports.