Israel Architecture Archive selected IDEA ARC 

Israel Architecture Archive selected IDEA ARC of IDEA Information Systems, for the computing of all its collections and for the information exposure for the public on the web

Israel Architecture Archive (IAA) was founded by the architect and historian Zvi Elhyani in the mid-1990s, and includes hundreds of thousands of records and documents on planning and building in the country, from the late nineteenth century to the present. Alongside these materials, the archive functions as a unique information center for hundreds of architects, buildings, sites and settlements in Israel. Nowadays, the archive comprehensive inventory is growing in the number of private collections of architects and scholars from the fields of architecture as well as – a hybrid collection containing over half a million items including traditional architectural materials (on paper) or items produced by digital media. In addition, the collection contains the documentation of professional and academic activities of over a thousand artists who worked and are working in the country from the end of the nineteenth century to the present. The archive also documents the work of artists from the fields of landscape architecture, engineering, interior design, writings and architectural research, architectural photography, editing and publishing of architecture and more.
Among the treasures of the archive one can find hundreds of original drawings of the planning of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem, the original colorful sketches of the international architect Oscar Niemeyer, for Kickar Ha’medina (The State square) in Tel Aviv and many more. The collection is mainly used by professional conservation architects, researchers, students, curators, filmmakers, visual artists and art curators, writers and journalists, lawyers, community activists, cultural researchers and others.
The archive computing project using IDEA will include the characterization and sequencing of all archive collections, building a hierarchical tree depending on different logical levels of collections and exposing material on the net.
As part of the project the system will be installed in IDEA’s servers farm and the archive will enjoy Idea’s cloud services including database maintenance, backups, restores, updates and information security.
The characterization phase will include adjustments to the needs of the archive and its unique variety of materials, such as events, buildings, maps, drawings, and more. In addition, the database will be divided into logical information databanks, depending on the structure of the archive divisions and collections.
The architect Zvi Elhyani, founder and director of Israeli Architecture Archive (IAA) said, “The Israel Architecture Archive is pleased to be among Idea’s customers. I personally follow the company’s activity in recent years in museums and archival institutions in Israel and believe that a combination of sophisticated system of Idea together with the unique knowledge and experience accumulated by IAA regarding architectural archiving – will achieve innovative and productive results. ”
Jacob Shaked, sales manager of IDEA said, “We are delighted to welcome another architecture archive to IDEA’s family. Recently we are witnessing a growing trend of computing architecture collections and making them accessible to the public online using Idea’s software.”
Thus, the “Israeli Architecture Archive (IAA) ” is joining the long line of leading archives that have chosen to computerize and manage their information data by Idea’s solutions. Among them are Yad Va’Shem, Ramat Gan City Archive, Natanya City Archive, Ha’Ma’apilim Archive, Mekorot Archive, Ma’atz Archive, The Hungarian Jewelry Museum Archive, Beit Lohamei Haghetaot (The Ghetto Fighters’ House), The Jabotinsky Institute, Yad Ya’ari Archive, The Theater archive of Beit Ariella, Yad Tabenkin archive, Midreshet Ben Gurion archives, The Jerusalem Archive, Massuah Institute ,Shem Olam Archive, Ginzach Kidush Ha’Shem and others.

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