Cloud services

IDEA’s Cloud services 

cloud_engIDEA Information Systems offers its customers to joint he company’s most advanced cloud services that include the exposure of their catalog on the web and are based on a designated servers’ farm,established and managed by the company’s professional staff.

This service is offered to all our customers (libraries, archives, museums and information centers) and enables them to provide services to their customers, allowing them the use ofadvanced technology, access to informationfor the general publicandvarious actionsin accordance with the organization,from every placeandsite.

The proposed solution allows our customers to “go with and feel without”, since the catalog can be uploaded to the Internet without having to purchase expensive servers, requiring complex and expensive maintenance by their IT people.

In addition, as part of this service our customers catalogs can be exposed on the Israeli Unified Catalog where all catalogs of idea’s customers (libraries, archives and museums) are exposed. This solution is already widely used by IDEA’s customers, enabling all end-users to search all the on-line catalogs, using a mutual search system and to find rare and versatile information items including literature, film and art collections, from all over the country in one central site.

IDEA’s farm now hosts more than 100 company customers, including government and institutional customers, large business customers in Israel, academic and public libraries, and many archives.

The services included in IDEA’s cloud services are divided into installation services and ongoing maintenance services. As part of the installation services our customers benefit from the advanced infrastructures, installation of the software in the secured servers’ farm and uploading of their catalogs to the web for search. In addition joining this rout supplies our customers with:

  • Comprehensive use of IDEA’s servers
  • Establishment of computing and internet infrastructures
  • Ongoing management of the system, maintenance and supervision of  the servers and their operating systems
  • Creating and saving of backups
  • Information security
  • Storage of multimedia files attached to the software up to first 3 Giga (additional space will require extra fee)
  • Maintenance of the web site, checking logs and preventing failures
  • Upgrading to new versions

To meet with our customers’ high demands, the servers’ farm supplying the cloud services was constructed using the most advanced technologies. IDEA’s servers are hosted in BEZEQ International hosting site which works under the strictest standards of the Israeli standards Institute IQNET, ISO and in accordance with the highest international standards. The site is manned and secured on a 24/7 basis, all year round. The security includes a closed circuit camera network. The roads to the site are guarded by a security company and overt and covert cameras. Entrance to the area is allowed only to a limited authorized staff and after registration and documentation.
The hosting site is equipped with fire and flood detection systems, a fire extinguishing system, advanced air conditioning systems and protection against static currents. Servers on the farm have high survivability including a top of technology double UPS system and a number of generators.
IDEA’s servers are managed by top of their field personnel in communication, net management, databases, and information protection. The staff under goes regular trainings and is qualified by Microsoft, Cisco and CHECKPOINT and has SQL knowledge.
IDEA Information Systems receives online alarms through e-mail and SMS to mobile phones. It covers control and checkups of the network level: lines, routers, switch and of the servers’ level: communication intactness, CPU load, Disks load, memory load and more.


Why should I join IDEA’s cloud services rout?

The cloud services rout allows the exposure of the catalog on the internet, in IDEA’s web interface using the most advanced technological means, providing information security, high-speed service and maximum working convenience.
In addition, this rout allows significant savings in both hardware and infrastructure costs (since there is no need to purchase expensive servers) and in technical personnel – IDEA’s System department is responsible for the management and maintenance of the customer’s system.

How are the costs of this rout determined?

The pricing of the cloud services is on an annual basis and consist of a basic hosting package, plus a varying cost depending on the number of cataloging stations used by the customer. The basic hosting package incorporates the costs of the servers, the establishment of a computerized infrastructure and the ongoing management of the system and the database, which is done by the professional staff of IDEA. It also includes the payment for IDEA’s web interface, ongoing backups, multimedia storage in IDEA’s servers, information security and the maintenance of the servers and their operating systems.

What is the Israeli Information Catalog?

The Israeli Information Catalog, which was developed by IDEA, is an advanced tool for sharing professional information, offering exposure and retrieval of information from multiple databases. The system incorporates a wide variety of catalogs including public, academic, municipal and regional libraries, as well as schools and communities in the periphery, together with archives, museums, information centers, research institutes, and heritage and commemoration centers.
The service is based on IDEA’s Panorama product – a central Internet system that offers exposure and retrieval of information in separate databases. The Panorama allows performing searches on any database within the system (and /or on part of them) displaying a combined catalog search, yet enabling each database to maintain a separate and independent catalog management.
The solution allows the general public to get the information on a particular topic, from one central system without switching between sites, using different tools and systems. The end users will be able to perform searches on all databases in the catalog and/or part of them, refine their search using various categories, perform searches based on geographic areas, and at the end of the search order the book or article they want.
The Israeli Information Catalog offers the general public a variety of reach and rare information. It allows the user to find fiction, children’s literature, special books of villages in the periphery of Israel, as well as unique collections of photos, movies, rare documents, journals and studies. Upon joining the IDEA’s cloud services our customers can expose their catalog in the Israel Information Catalog.
Adding the customer’s catalog and the ongoing maintenance of the Israeli Information Catalog is maintained by IDEA’s team.