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The main archives of The Kibbutz Movement; Yad Tabenkin, Yad Yaari, and Shittim Institute, formed a joint project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the kibbutzim, in order to expose the legacy of the kibbutz movement and provide accessibility to historical and cultural assets for the public online.

The need

As part of the 100 anniversary celebrations, people in the kibbutz movement sought to create a project that would combine all the kibbutz movement collections of heritage and culture under one roof. Thus, allow exposure and retrieval of heritage data from a shared catalog, yet maintaining separate infrastructure management, similar to well-known Europeans enterprises such ATHENA, EUROPEANA, MICHAEL and others, enabling the sharing of information between archives and national heritage institutions.

The solution

he Kibbutz Movement selected IDEA’s IDEA ARC, and the Panorama module, that can be integrated with Idea’s product for archives.
IDEA Arc – archive management system that helps make the information stored in the archives accessible to the public. The system supports the international standards of the archivist World (ISAD G, EAD, ISAAR (and enables advanced data sharing capabilities between different archives – national and international.
Idea’s Panorama module enable end-users to search all databases using one system, while maintaining the individual cataloging and management of each archive.

The Implementation:

The archives network includes three of the main archives of the Kibbutz Movement: Yad Yaari- a research and documentation center of HaShomer HaTzair movement, and Yad Tabenkin – which are already using IDEA ARC, and Shittim Institue, which as part of the project, is also using IDEA ALM now according to the international standard – ISAD-G.
This is an “on-growing” project and so, in its following stages other archives will be added –  from the kibbutz movement and the labor settlements in general- which will be integrated on a joint technological interface of IDEA Arc  by IDEA Information System.
In addition, IDEA’s Internet Panorama module has been integrated, which allows joint search on the three different databases within one site, including searches of all the archives, or part of them, according to relevant fields and the display of relevant results in every archive in an overall result list.
As part of the project, the three databases have been installed in IDEA’s advanced servers farm and the archives enjoy IDEA’s cloud services including professional IT service such as database maintenance, backups, restores, upgrades and information security.

The Benefit

The joint project exposes the archives catalogs and their heritage and cultural collections on the web, allowing the search and retrieve of information within all the project participants, together and separately. The search is performed on all archives, or on one of them, directing end-users to locate the relevant archive, in accordance with the given authorizations, such as ordering, saving queries, advanced searches, and more.

David Amitai, director of Yad Yaari, stressed “the importance of the project as part of achieving our goal of “getting the archive out of the archive”, and the realization of the long-term vision of ‘archives without walls’ allowing everyone to share cultural assets and the sources of knowledge in the archive collections, while bridging the physical and geographical obstacles.

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