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Netivei Israel – the national company for transportation infrastructures Ltd. is a governmental company responsible for the development of transportation infrastructures in Israel. The company is engaged in the design, development and maintenance of most inter-city roads in Israel, including interchanges, bridges and Railroads. The company, stablished as a governmental company, is the follower of the historic Ma’atz.
The Netivei Israel archive holds tens of thousands photographs, pictures, movies and other media items, from the first years of the company, beginning in the early 20’s of the last century to the present day. The archive serves as a historic archive, preserving the historic information of the organization, as well as an active archive where materials are accumulated and filed regularly every day.

Business Challenge

All the media files and the photographs in the archive were cataloged and managed in computerized folders and excel files on which the items and the files data were saved. The archive’s goal was to create an organized information center of all the photographs collections and the digital media of the past and present on one central system and thus to enable maximal and easy access to the information for the people in the organization.
The “Netivei Israel Company” was looking for a system that will provide a complete solution for digital archive management – including historical materials and materials that are used on a daily basis, while enabling fast and friendly information retrieval that will allow both retrieving files from the database, and searching within the files themselves.

The Solution

IDEA Arc is a dynamic and integrative system for managing archives, and making the information stored in them accessible to the public. The system includes unique archival features such as automated inheritance of data of records from different collections, hierarchal linking among the various levels of the administrative structure of the archive, the management of the accession book and more. The system supports the international standards accepted in the archival world (ISAD G, EAD,ISAAR) And thus enables advanced data sharing between archives and communication between different systems, forming the basis for integration with collective catalogs and international portals.


At the end of the tender process, Netivei Israel Company has chosen Idea Information System to provide a comprehensive solution. The project included the conversion of tens of thousands of records from excel files, their distribution to unique information databanks according to the archive’s structure, and the exposure of materials on the web.
The characterization phase included the construction and creation of new types of materials such as projects, maintenance work, documentation of road accidents, Aerial photographs and more. The database was divided into ten databanks according to the unique materials of the archive.
The data conversion of photographs was made using massive data absorption directly into the application of Idea Arc system and not with the standard conversion tools. At the first stage the archive people cataloged and indexed the photographs, and documented the data in excel files using close structure formats prepared for them by Idea, and Idea made the conversion into XML files and absorbed then into the program. At the end of the data absorption, the archive system included all the images together with all the information from the external file (Meta-data and media).

The Benefit

Using Idea’s IDEA Arc solution helped “Netivei Israel” archive in achieving the goals of computing and managing the digital archive, and enables information retrieval and exposure fast and easy, for the benefit of employees in different departments, who use the system daily. Today it is possible to locate all the information items from all kinds of materials on one central internet system.

In addition, the unique concept of the IDEA Arc allows archive conservation and management of heritage information, both historical and operational, on one central system suited to managing the overall process of the two types of archives.

The Technology

IDEA Arc ,Ms SQL Server, DT Search, IDEA-web

Oren Ha’Meiri, “Netivei Israel” Archive:
The system selecting process included preliminary examination of a number of systems in accordance with a predetermined list of parameters. The reasons for choosing Idea’s system were its user-friendly interface and the various material retrieval options on multiple levels. Today, after a lot of work with Idea, we can confirm that the system’s main contribution is reflected in the ongoing work and rapid retrieval options of photographic documentation – both historical and photographic documentation of the stages of projects that are currently under development

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